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Lesson A How are you?

Lesson B This is my son

Lesson C I'm from the USA

Lesson D Let's play a game

Lesson E What's this?

Lesson F What's that?

Lesson G Self-assessment

Lesson H What day is it today?

Lesson I How's the weather?

Lesson J Fly a kite

Lesson K Do like this

Lesson L What a beautiful kite!

Lesson M Animals on the farm

Lesson N Self-assessment

Lesson O Can you fly?

Lesson P What can you do?

Lesson Q Oh, Yucky!

Lesson R How yummy!

Lesson S Good manners

Lesson T Self-assessment

Lesson U A chicken or seven chickens?

Lesson V How many rabbits?

Lesson W So many ants!

Lesson X It's raining hard

Lesson Y ABC song

Lesson Z Self-assessment


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