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新概念365bet在哪投注_真假365bet_365bet足球实时动画新概念365bet在哪投注_真假365bet_365bet足球实时动画专业册(英音) L109~144

Lesson 109 A good idea

Lesson 110 How do they compare?

Lesson 111 The most expensive model

Lesson 112 How do they compare?

Lesson 113 Small changes

Lesson 114 I've got none.

Lesson 115 Knock, knock!

Lesson 116 Every, no, any and some

Lesson 117 Tommy's breakfast

Lesson 118 What were you doing?

Lesson 119 A true story

Lesson 120 It had already happened.

Lesson 121 The man in a hat

Lesson 122 Who (whom), which and that

Lesson 123 A trip to Australia

Lesson 124 (Who)/(whom), (which) and (that)

Lesson 125 Tea for two

Lesson 126 Have to and do not need to

Lesson 127 A famous actress

Lesson 128 He can't be ... He must be ...

Lesson 129 Seventy miles an hour

Lesson 130 He can't have been ... He must have been ...

Lesson 131 Don't be so sure!

Lesson 132 He may be ... He may have been ... I'm not sure.

Lesson 133 Sensational news!

Lesson 134 He said (that) he ... He told me (that) he ...

Lesson 135 The Latest report

Lesson 136 He said (that) he ... He told me (that) he ...

Lesson 137 A pleasant dream

Lesson 138 If ...

Lesson 139 Is that you, John?

Lesson 140 He wants to know if/why/what/when

Lesson 141 Sally's first train ride

Lesson 142 Someone invited Sally to a party. Sally was invited to a party.

Lesson 143 A walk through the woods

Lesson 144 He hasn't been served yet. He will be served soon.


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