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新概念365bet在哪投注_真假365bet_365bet足球实时动画新概念365bet在哪投注_真假365bet_365bet足球实时动画第三册(美音) L41~60

Lesson 41 Illusions of pastoral peace

Lesson 42 Modem cavemen

Lesson 43 Fully insured

Lesson 44 Speed and comfort

Lesson 45 The power of the press

Lesson 46 Do it yourself

Lesson 47 Too high a price?

Lesson 48 The silent village

Lesson 49 The ideal servant

Lesson 50 New Year resolutions

Lesson 51 Predicting the future

Lesson 52 Mud is mud

Lesson 53 In the public interest

Lesson 54 Instinct or cleverness?

Lesson 55 From the earth: Greetings

Lesson 56 Our neighbour, the river

Lesson 57 Back in the old country

Lesson 58 A spot of bother

Lesson 59 Collecting

Lesson 60 Too early and too late


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